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Maximize your grow’s potential

Streamline your cultivation practices and track growth cycles with integrated technology from AI Grow. Utilizing only the best industrial-grade hardware and best-in-class software, we offer a broad range of equipment and services. From out-of-the-box automation installations to project-specific customized packages, AI Grow can manage the design and construction of electrical and controls hardware, automation software, and data reporting. Maximize operational efficiency, boost crop stability, and prevent problems before they start.

Monitor and control
 Environmental conditions

Custom built systems fit any need

Modular control software allows for full scalability, from craft grows to multi-acre cultivation facilities. Our system is customized based on client needs - from a small app-based controller to full-scale industrial PLCs with touchscreen user interfaces, we can provide all the hardware, software, and knowledge needed to succeed from the start. 


Birdhouse Environmental Sensor

Our patent-pending 3-D printed Birdhouse sensors continually monitor light, CO2, temperature, VPD, and humidity to protect crops at all times. The easy-to-hang structures provide valuable environmental data touchpoints and can help pinpoint problem areas room-to-room.

Customizable Fertigation

Create your own nutrient blends or adjust based on plant need with our fully customizable fertigation option. Programmable pumps automatically add precise ingredients to be administered to plants within the larger AI Grow system. Store recipes in the database and track their progress through every life cycle. 

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